Dear Customers!

The town of Brookhaven served an injunction to Lufker Airport to cease all aviation activities until the hearing in court Sept 14th of 2016. We are obligated to hold our jumps until then. Since it will be near the end of our season for all of you, who won't be able to reschedule this season, We offer an extension for Our Season 2017 at no extra cost. Please email us your Reservation ID with your vouchers number, if you like to take it.

We apologize for the troubles and inconvenience it may cause you but it's out of our control. Please accept our greetings.

The management of 516-Skydive INC.

How you jump out of a perfectly good airplane

1. Keep your head up

2. Arms out and bend your knees

3. Smile for the camera

4. Your instructor pulls the chute

5. Glide down

6. Landing gear up

7. Slide into home

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